Revitalized Rambler

Bathroom Remodel


Minneapolis, MN

Bathroom before remodel

Imagine stepping into a bathroom frozen in time, with its original fixtures and quaint charm. While nostalgic, this hall bathroom served as the sole retreat for all the bedrooms and guests on the main floor. However, its functionality was compromised by a tub that was becoming unsafe for our homeowner to step into and the absence of a shower.

The revitalization of the 1950s bathroom within the rambler stands as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design.

bathroom remodel with gray wood cabinet and frameless mirror
remodeled bathroom walk in shower with accent tile and built in storage
bathroom remodel with gray wood cabinet and frameless mirror
remodeled bathroom walk in shower with accent tile and built in storage

Our mission was clear: to revamp this space, making it not only functional and accessible but also aesthetically pleasing for our client. The first step? Removing the tub and replacing it with a luxurious walk-in shower. By opting for a single-piece cast iron shower base from Kohler, we achieved a very low threshold without the need for a curbless entry, ensuring both accessibility and safety.

To enhance the room’s openness, we installed sleek glass shower doors, offering a clear view of the tiled shower walls adorned with niche and chevron accent tiles. Safety was paramount, so we incorporated grab bars for added support and a lift-off shower head for easy cleaning – because luxury should also mean convenience.

But functionality isn’t everything, aesthetics matter too. We selected hexagonal floor tiles and slab cabinetry in a textured laminate to bring this bathroom up to date, marrying modern style with timeless elegance. To address the storage woes of the space, a new recessed medicine cabinet was added, providing ample room for essentials.

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Lighting played a crucial role in transforming the ambiance of the bathroom. Sconce lighting offered task illumination, perfect for grooming routines, while a recessed can light provided overall brightness, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The result? A bathroom that is both up to date and beautiful, safe and accessible, allowing our homeowner to age gracefully in her home for years to come. It’s a testament to the power of thoughtful design and meticulous craftsmanship, turning a vintage relic into a sanctuary fit for modern living.

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