3 Reasons To Have Cherry Wood Cabinets Installed In Your Kitchen

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Choosing new cabinets for your kitchen can be a discouraging task. There are seemingly endless designs and styles of cabinetry available.

At Crystal Kitchen + Bath, one type of cabinet we often recommend to our remodeling clients is cherry wood. Read on to learn how cherry wood cabinets can improve the mood and appeal of your kitchen.

The Advantages of Cherry Wood Cabinets

A sense of warmth

The calming color of cherry wood creates an appealing look that makes you feel at home. Its rich appearance features a soft, satin like grain that blends flawlessly with many other woods. Visually, cherry wood cabinets can be a great addition to essentially any décor in your kitchen.

Varying designs

Cherry wood cabinets will complement all types of kitchen designs. Our designers have used this versatile wood in both modern and traditional kitchens. No matter your style, our home design showroom is full of cherry wood kitchen displays and an extensive sample room where you are sure to find the finish and style that match perfectly with your personal design.

Beautiful appearance

Cherry wood cabinets from Crystal Kitchen + Bath feature a warm, color that intensifies when exposed to light. In a natural finish, cherry cabinets vary from medium to light brown and often include shades of white, gray and even green. As the wood ages it often slowly changes into a beautiful rich golden red but will not continue to darken.

Cherry wood is a hardwood which also resists cracking and warping. This makes it a perfect option for kitchens.

Are you in need of kitchen cabinets that are visually stunning and offer a sense of warmth to your family and guests? The home remodeling professionals at Crystal Kitchen + Bath will help you establish the perfect cabinet design for your kitchen. To schedule your consultation (or to have your questions answered), don’t hesitate to contact us online, call us at 763-544-5950 or visit our Minneapolis office off Winnetka Avenue North. We look forward to hearing from you!

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