Construction Preparation – Getting Ready for Your Renovation

Additional Rooms, Bathroom, Kitchen

You’ve signed the contract and are excited to start demo, but what should you do to prepare your home for construction? In this blog post, we walk you through how you should  prepare  your home and what to expect before construction starts.

Clean and Organize 

What to keep, and what to toss, and where are you going to store everything in the meantime? Packing up can feel overwhelming, having a plan and giving yourself enough time before your project starts can help to alleviate some stress. 

Box up everything in the cabinets, pantry, under the sink, and in the drawers. Take down any decorations, pictures, or anything you want to keep. Also, removing everything from the walkways to and from the space and joining walls to avoid items from getting bumped or falling.

It is also helpful to clear out a space in your garage or nearby room that can be used to store your new plumbing supplies, lights, hardware, tile, and millwork.

Makeshift Kitchen/Bathroom

Create a temporary set up for your kitchen may be moving your small appliances to another space in the house and setting up the coffee pot or microwave. Toaster ovens and hot plates are also good solutions for when your stove and oven are not available. Moving the fridge to another room or garage temporarily. If your project is during the summer, plan to grill out and make use of your outdoor spaces. 

Remodeling your bathroom or laundry room means getting a bit more creative. Make plans to shower at your local gym or at a family member’s house. Don’t have family or friends nearby? Look into a laundry service or find a neighborhood laundromat so you don’t get too far behind on laundry.  

Pre-construction Set Up

Your design team will send you an email a week ahead of your project start to go over construction details and answer any questions you may have before your project starts. 

Our crew will come in the day before your project starts and put down floor protection, and plastic walls and barriers as needed. We will have the dumpster delivered and post our permit, as well as all the materials and fixtures for your project.  A lockbox will be put on the door or we can use a garage code for our crews to enter if you’re not home during work hours.

Start Today

Getting to the construction phase is an exciting milestone and your new space is on the horizon. Preparing for the remodel is just as important as the remodel itself. Plan to do most of the cleaning about a week ahead of your project start date to alleviate some stress. Create an area for a temporary kitchen set up. For a bathroom or laundry room remodel – plan to shower and do laundry outside of the home temporarily during your project. And remember to clear out a space where we can store materials during the project and clear out the walkways, remove pictures and decorations from the walls in the project space.

Interested in starting your remodel but don’t know where to begin? Reach out and one of our award winning designers will get in touch. 

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