Where to Splurge When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Kitchen remodel with mixed metal accents and patterned backsplash

It is no secret that home renovations can quickly add up. With appliances, building materials, finish selections, and labor, costs can vary depending on what you pick to go in your space. 

Our designers are experts in achieving the look you want and are breaking down the places they recommend splurging and where to save during your home remodel.


Quality Cabinetry

Invest in quality cabinetry.  Cabinets are the most impactful element of the kitchen and beautiful cabinets can elevate your entire kitchen remodel.  They take up the most visual room in the space, so don’t cut corners here.  Good quality cabinetry has 6-way adjustable hinges and prevent doors from rubbing and scraping off the finish, plus they last longer.   Custom cabinet lines allow you to design pieces that look like a piece of furniture or built-in cabinetry, which adds character & charm to the room.

Kitchen remodel with high-quality, custom cabinets


Aside from cabinetry, the next most important element of your kitchen remodel is the countertops. Invest in them! You want to make sure that you select a countertop that will last many generations, and something that is classic and timeless.

Kitchen remodel with waterfall countertop on the large island


A unique tiled backsplash can really make a statement in the kitchen.  Seek out local artisan tile companies to see what they have to offer.  The backsplash can become the focal point of the room, while supporting local artists and their craft.

Kitchen remodel with statement backsplash

Unique Ventilation Hood

Ventilation hoods can be a focal point in the kitchen and elevate the look of the space.  Combining two different finishes or adding unique architectural element, such as corbels, make the piece unique.

Kitchen remodel with large wooden island and white surrounding cabinets

Qualified Designers and Contractors

Options and codes change constantly and getting help from a professional who has your best interest in mind will save you from regrets and expensive mistakes.

A good designer professional will listen carefully to understand your goals and offer creative solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.  They will have ideas you hadn’t thought of and will know how to maximize your investment

Design Build designer consulting with client about home remodel

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Making decisions about your home remodeling project can be overwhelming, especially when deciding impacts cost. If you’re interested in  learning more from our designers on how we can help you with your renovation, schedule your free consultation today!

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