Fireplace Facelife

Minnetonka, MN

Another objective was to create a more impressive but highly functional fireplace.

The previous fireplace had 12×12 floor tile on the hearth and surround. And the flanking bookcases had lots of deep, dark, display shelves. To be honest, I am not a collector and I don’t like clutter. What I really needed was some serious storage space and few shelves for family photos. As I approach every project, I took inventory of what needed to be stored and displayed then calculated the appropriate storage I needed: To the left of the fire place, the base cabinet has 3 roll-out shelves for storage of table linens. It’s at 30” high so that when you are seated nearby it is at a convenient height to place a drink in front of my mom’s coffee service. Above, the 4 glass shelves provide plenty of space for family photos and special mementos.

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