Fusion of Style and Functionality Kitchen Remodel

Champlin, MN

Kitchen before remodel

At the core of this transformation was the client’s aspiration for an open, interconnected space.

The removal of barriers between the kitchen, dining, and living areas created an expansive, fluid layout, elevating the home’s ambiance and facilitating seamless interaction among spaces.

The new open layout is the perfect space to cook and entertain merging sophistication with functionality.

Open kitchen remodel with blue island and cabinets, wood floor, and tall vaulted ceilings

The journey began with the client’s exploration of colors, eventually embracing Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy blue as the cornerstone for the cabinetry. This choice set the stage for a harmonious palette that tied in with the living and dining room furniture and rugs.

Integrating a natural stone countertop became a focal point, incorporating these varied hues while gold fixtures added a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Open kitchen remodel with blue island and cabinets, wood floor, and tall vaulted ceilings
Kitchen remodel with unique stone countertop and gold fixtures

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Throughout the design process, challenges were met with innovative solutions. Space optimization was key, requiring strategic placement of appliances like a smaller-width refrigerator alongside a pull-out pantry cabinet. The island, a central feature, not only provided additional seating but replaced the need for a separate table and chairs, optimizing the space for gatherings and enhancing the flow between the kitchen and the adjoining areas.

The revitalized kitchen now stands as a vibrant hub for social interaction. The homeowner seamlessly integrates into gatherings, no longer confined by kitchen walls, while guests engage effortlessly in the cooking process at the island. This transformation embodies the convergence of beauty and functionality, where every design element tells a story of thoughtful innovation and meticulous attention to detail.


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