Spaciously Brighter

Bathroom Remodel

Golden Valley, MN

Bathroom before remodel

The transformation of this once outdated pink-tiled master bath was nothing short of remarkable. Fully gutted, the space now exudes a luxurious and brighter ambiance. The strategic removal of the wall between the shower and vanity, replaced by a glass panel, not only increased the sense of openness but also allowed natural light from the window to reach into the shower space. Opting against a shower door, multiple grab bars were seamlessly incorporated, ensuring a safe and barrier-free entry.

The updated bathroom is bright, open, and more functional after the remodel.

Eliminating the boxy soffit further contributed to the enhancement of the room’s perceived height, a crucial aspect in this compact space. Despite the challenge posed by the narrow layout, an 18” deep vanity was artfully designed, accommodating a sink for a widespread faucet, skillfully accomplished with Duravit sinks. U-shaped pull-out drawers under the sink and a tall linen tower provide ample storage for all toilet and bath necessities.

The visual impact of Cambria’s black Delamere quartz countertops against Crystal Cabinets’ frosty white painted cabinets and floating shelves is both striking and elegant. The porcelain tile, meticulously selected to resemble Calacatta stone, adds a finishing touch with a mix of sizes from a 1” mosaic to a 4” hexagon and a large format tile of 12” x 24” for the shower walls. This transformation has turned a bathroom of less than 47 square feet into a bright and impactful space, blending functionality with exquisite design.


Bright bathroom remodel with white vanity and stone tile shower

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