Hardest Working Room in the Home: The Mudroom

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White Entryway With Mudroom Storage

Mudroom: A small room or entryway where footwear and outerwear can be removed before entering a house.

We love mudrooms at Crystal Kitchen + Bath.  The mudroom is a hardworking space where we hang coats, store outerwear, do laundry, house cleaning supplies, store overflow items such as paper products, house pet supplies and sometimes the pets themselves. 

Often these rooms exist in a small space  that requires thoughtful design and clever storage solutions. This is the challenge we designers love!

Mudroom Layout

With the need to fit many functions in one space, sometimes we need to get creative with the floor plan. This home had two closed off spaces with a small entryway from the garage and separate laundry room.

Open Layout Mudroom

By removing  the laundry room walls and removing the closet door, this room became  spacious and functional. Large  storage cabinets hold cleaning and laundry supplies. A rod over the sink is used to drip dry delicate items and hang dry clothing.The open coat closet makes this space more accessible for the whole family, without causing door swing traffic jams. Coats can easily be hung up and shoes stowed on the shelves.

Added Mudroom Storage

This busy family needed a place for everything, their laundry room/mudroom was lacking storage. This mudroom holds so many jobs. Laundry, cleaning supplies, art supplies, dog supplies and even the family dog’s bed. This space is also the entry from the garage and acted as a catch-all for coats and shoes.

Messy Mudroom Laundry Space Before Remodel
Mudroom With Laundry with Storage and Sink

The designer reconfigured the room to optimize the space for ample storage and functionality. The sink was moved under the window and washer/dryer to an adjacent wall changing the flow of the room. Now there is ample counter space for folding laundry or working on a project. Bringing the cabinetry up to the ceiling hides more  items behind closed doors, but still accessible. Wrapping the L-shaped walls with cabinetry made a home for the vacuum, broom and mop, shoes, washer/dryer, and even the dog bed. Base cabinets with pull out baskets are perfect for sorting laundry and keeping the items out of sight.

Finished Builder Grade Mudroom

This outdated mudroom was not functioning for or appealing to the homeowner. As the entry from the garage the designer considered who will be using the space and their needs. More countertop space along with updated finishes would help to modernize the room.

New washer/dryer on pedestals are great for these homeowners. The sink was moved to another wall to allow for more counter space, creating hanging space over the sink and next to the washer and dryer for longer items. Changing the cabinetry to a lighter finish and great patterned vinyl flooring create a soft look for the space.

Mudroom Design Update

This hardworking mudroom is the main entry for these homeowners and guests making it a dumping ground for this horse-riding family with two boys. They desired storage with ease of use with an inviting clean farmhouse look.

Shifting the washer and dryer closer to the window allowed for more counter space by the farm house sink. Taking out the unused hanging space above the sink provided more needed storage. The details of the black countertops, black light fixtures, dark tile floor, and warm cabinetry with corbels dress up this space.

Farmhouse laundry and mudroom remodel
Mudroom coat locker built in

Removing the closet and existing cabinetry opened up the room to house this beautiful locker system. It holds the boys everyday things with added shoe storage below the bench. Having closed doors in the middle adds visual interest and ample storage.

Unfinished Mudroom

This long, skinny unfinished mudroom needed better traffic flow and more storage.

By taking out the small coat closet,  a beautiful coat locker was added, complete with a bench and a tall storage cabinet.

This wall provides a large laundry sink with hanging storage above, drawer storage, and lots of counter space. The convenient laundry basket storage fits right under the counter on a shelf. Under the baskets is a space for the cat’s litter box. The washer and dryer sit to the left of the laundry basket storage for easy loading.

Your Mudroom

Mudrooms are often taken for granted. Being the first room most of us enter in the house on a daily basis requires us to have good habits to keep them working well. Having easy to use hooks and shoe storage aids in making those habits stick. When these rooms are used for many other purposes providing great cabinetry storage is a must along with ample counter space. 

We love these workhorse rooms and we love designing them for the families that use them. Improving the functionality and storage in your mudroom can change life. Contact a designer today at Crystal Kitchen + Bath to see how we can help your mudroom work harder for you.

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